Why Olivetree Insights?

Business is striving to be more customer-centric, so leaders need insights faster than ever.

Olivetree Insights is a strategic consultancy that helps organizations be more effective and efficient at using data and insights.

We accomplish this goal through:

Align More Closely with Business Needs

Bring leaders strategically-focused insights.

  • Strengthen corporate alignment at every stage of market research and analytical engagement
  • Reduce post-research second guessing
  • Build strategic competencies more quickly based on Era 3 Model


Build Strategic Capabilities

Become the headlights for the organization.

  • Remove the barriers between research and analytics to deliver integrated insights
  • Democratize and socialize insights throughout the organization
  • Bring foresight, not just insight

Increase Team Effectiveness

Improve team performance through consistent, engaging, and transparent processes.

  • Work smarter. Reduce inefficiencies and project costs
  • Define KPIs and performance standards to measure and improve insights’ contributions
  • Build accountability for making insights-based decisions

Our Customers Say

  • "This brings discipline and a better approach to what we are doing."

    Insights Manager
    Training Company
  • "Helps all my team members be more consistent."

    Insights Director
    Retail Industry
  • "The Olivetree Insights process cements organizational alignment and collaboration driving meaningful change."

    Insights Director
    North American Retail
  • "The software platform enables everyone involved on the project to be on the same page, keeping the team focused on key priorities."

    Insights Manager
    Financial Services
  • "The Smart Insights Brief helped us refocus on the right objectives…saving us tens of thousands."

    Insights Manager
    Training Company

In the News

New in Quirk’s magazine:
Olivetree Insights structured approach helps J.J. Keller achieve consistent research success. 

A case study article shows how a corporate insights team uses Olivetree Insights online planning process to more effectively align business and research objectives resulting in more customer-driven business decisions.




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