Go from stretched to strengthened! Our coaches are passionate research experts with deep corporate experiences. Our workshops and coaching services can help insights leaders take their work and their teams to the next level.

Brand Intelligence Workshop: Apply the right marketing research to your business challenge

This intensive, two-day workshop provides a marketing research framework for nourishing brands based on addressing the fundamental knowledge needs along the brand lifecycle. You’ll walk away understanding with more confidence how to apply marketing research to brand challenges.

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Knowledge Harvest Workshop: Build your integrated intelligence library

Tired of Friday afternoon fire drills that result in you working all weekend?  Combat those emergencies with an Integrated Intelligence library based on Knowledge Harvest Workshops. You’ll walk away from this workshop with your first Integrated Intelligence summary and a template for conducting future sessions.

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Insights Team Charter Workshop: Start with the right foundation

This workshop will help you tap the passion of your insights team while simultaneously improving alignment with your business partners. You’ll walk away from this workshop with an assessment of the Insights function and a customized Insights Team Charter to guide your future path.

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Go Further Faster with Scenarios Workshop: Help your company prepare for the future

It’s already too late if you only are thinking about what’s happening today. Help your business be better prepared for the future by integrating scenarios into your marketing research planning process. Because we guide you in conducting your first workshop, you’ll walk away with not only the skills and tools to conduct future sessions yourself, but with a proactive marketing research plan based on foresight, not hindsight.

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The New Playbook Workshop: Disrupting insights to score more touchdowns

The old playbook for corporate insights team where we focus on being responsive to requests and deliver insights that contribute to business decisions isn’t enough. You’ll leave this workshop with tools and templates for a new playbook so your team can be more proactive, deliver foresight and spark business growth.

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