We Believe

At Olivetree Insights we believe that insights professionals are most effective when they are free to focus on what they do best – bringing new insights that drive sustainable growth.  Our mission is to continuously innovate and develop new tools and software to support the insights function.

Like the tree that is its namesake, Olivetree Insights brings wisdom, vitality, and vigorous growth to the insights functions of growth-focused companies. As the olive branch is a symbol of peace and victory, Olivetree brings peace of mind and professional success.


  • INSIGHTS are the driving force for sustainable, profitable business growth

  • INSIGHTS are best achieved through the COMBINED EFFORTS OF INSIGHTS PROFESSIONALS – we don’t care whether you call them marketing researchers or data analysts. We care that they have the  expertise in qualitative  research, quantitative research, social media research, social psychology, behavioral economics, or neuroscience that move companies forward.

  • EVERY insights project/initiative should start with an INSIGHTS BRIEF that is as CLEAR about the BUSINESS OBJECTIVES and DECISIONS TO BE MADE, as it is about HOW research/analysis will help to achieve these results. because a rush to methodology kills the ability to deliver great insights.

  • A rush to methodology kills the ability to deliver great insights.

  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and regularly debrief projects to identify improvements and follow-up with business decision-makers to determine how insights were used in decisions

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