Strategic Insights Advancement

Building the strategic and consultative skills among insights pros historically has been a time-consuming and uneven process - yet it’s a mandate for the future of our profession. So go from stretched to strengthened! Our coaches are passionate research experts with deep corporate experiences helping insights leaders take their work and their teams to the next level.


  • Empower your professionals with our skill-building workshops that help to build strategic and consultative competencies

  • We create your individualized workshop based on a pre-assessment of your team

  • Some workshop topics include:

    Start with the Foundation: Create your Insights Team Charter to provide inspiration and alignment.  And define your KPIs before someone else does it for you.

    Connect the Dots:  Single study research reports are a thing of the past. Decision makers need integrated insights that help them make better decisions.

    Show Me a Story: To influence and help business leaders learn, let’s integrate more visual storytelling into our reports and presentations

    Evangelizing Insights: What good is learning about your consumer if it’s not shared broadly? But with so much already on your plate, how can you make this a reality? Templates for developing content and marketing it!

    Build Your Foresight Muscle: It’s already too late if you only are thinking about what’s happening today.  Help your business leaders prepare for the future.


  • What topics are you interested in? Let us build the perfect workshop for your team!


  • Want more hands-on support?  Our coaches draw on their extensive experiences to  work with you and your team on a one-on-one basis for a more customized approach.   

    Assess the insights function and provide customized action plans

    Create synthesis reports on key topics

    Advise on research methods to apply to difficult challenges

    Teaching new methodology techniques and setting up standardized practices (e.g. agile new product development research, design thinking insights for big problems, etc.).