Smart Brief

The Olivetree team created the Smart Insights Brief process from a real problem: post research regret. Too often, research is conducted but not fully used – leading to a lack of confidence in marketing research.

Our Smart Insights Brief process is a simple but important step in the research and data analytics design phase that ensures research learnings match business needs and deliver a greater ROI.  Every research and analytics project begins with our Smart Insights Brief process for only $20 per month (purchased on a 12-month basis).

To learn more about how to avoid research regret and maximize the integration of insights into your business decisions, explore our ebook.

Think It’s Impossible To Move Quickly And Deliver Strategic Insight? Think Again.

Watch the demo of our Smart Brief software and discover how getting projects designed and aligned with your business needs is easier than you might think.

  • Step-by-step instructions make it easy to design business-impacting research projects, even for the most junior staff.

  • Linking research and business team objectives secures alignment upfront and provides actionable learnings.

  • Reporting tools seamlessly manage project status, identify potential traffic jams and cut time.

  • Repository function offers trouble-free access to past studies and documents. 

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