Set big goals to build a more engaged insights team

Set goals for an engaged team

Where do you want to steer your insights team in 2019?” was one of our most popular blogs.  Probably not a big surprise considering the changes our profession is going through, so we’re going to provide a three-part Blog series that walks you through the process of creating your Team Charter.

We kick off the series with the Vision and Mission. Of all the elements of the Charter, these are most critical in that they set the stage for defining the team’s reason for existence.  Applying the same theory about the importance of company Visions and Missions to that for a Team Charter, the impact can be just as strong with employee engagement levels increasing to 68%, 19 points above average, according to research (read the article).

While the Vision and Mission in a Team Charter is obviously more limited than a company’s Vision and Mission, these terms are similarly defined. Overall, the Vision and Mission concisely communicate what the team is out to achieve… with the Vision focused on the future, aspirational state and the Mission focused on the present.

The Vision is inspiring and tells the story of the benefits the team creates. Some rules for a team vision statement are:

  • Focus on the impact of your team’s success.
  • Ensure it aligns with the company’s business values and goals.
  • Dream big to provide inspiration.
  • Project into the future (5+ years).

Samples of Insight Team Vision statements are:

  • ‘Deliver competitive advantage.’
  • ‘Be the headlights for the company.’

The Mission is a concrete statement of what the team does and how the team will fulfill the vision. Some rules for a team mission statement are:

  • Focus on how you will achieve the success.
  • Ensure it aligns with the company’s business values and goals.
  • “Ladder up” to avoid getting into the weeds on what your team does.
  • Use the present tense and concise, jargon-free language.

Samples of Insight Team Mission statements are:

  • ‘Embed the customer voice into the heart of the business.’
  • Deliver proactive consulting to help the company innovate.’

Here are two great resources to inspire you as you create these critical statements:

  • The Walmart Global Customer Insights & Analytics team created a video to describe their role in the organization.  One of my favorite quotes is “GCI’s department are the headlights for the company, they help the company look out into the future….”
  • And here’s a video from ARF’s Future of Market Research conference that speaks to the need to “move from insight to foresight.”

Our next blog will cover creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to guide you in measuring success – remember, “If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed.”

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