Our highly customized marketing research solutions provide the insights and measures you need to help nourish and grow your business throughout the brand lifecycle. We are championers, after all: We’re here to elevate you, no matter where you are.

Research Through a Business Lens

First, tell us what your focus is. Refining your marketing messages? Developing new products? Luring back ex-customers? Olivetree can help address your challenges and ensure research aligns to your key business priorities — so you can avoid costly mistakes.

All research plans and reports are built around our Smart Brief process. Learn more about it here.

Olivetree in Action

Explore our case studies below to see how our research  solutions champion our clients across the brand lifecycle.

Concept Stage 

  • Landscapes

  • Segmentation

  • Positioning

  • Concept Evals

From Concept to Quenched

It wasn’t a small ask: In under a year, a Fortune 500 food company wanted to create a healthy children’s drink appealing to both kids and moms, identify its market worthiness, and get it on retail shelves. The Olivetree team was up to the challenge. We conducted extensive secondary and ethnographic research; ideation with moms, kids, educators, and foodies; R&D taste development tests; concept development research; and positioning and name studies. The result? A yummy and healthy juice hit the shelves in less than 9 months and scored an A+.

Growth Stage

  • Path to Purchase

  • Competitive Assessments

  • Brand Tracking

  • VOC

Eyes Set on Better Sales

An international eyewear company was concerned its messaging was getting stale as new sales were slowing. The Olivetree team jumped right in and conducted eyewear journey immersions, developing causal maps that detailed the triggers, attitudes, behaviors, and timing for key steps along the purchase path. Quantitative cluster analysis led to new learnings of purchase patterns and motivations. As a result, the eyewear company shifted its messaging toward higher value consumer needs and updated in-store training for all retail staff. The payoff? A steep increase in year-over-year sales. 

Refresh Stage 

  • NPD

  • Scenario Planning

  • New Market Assessment

An Unexpected Threat Spurs a New Action Plan

With an 80% market share, a regional healthcare provider had, it thought, a lock on the market … until hearing that a well-financed, outsider organization was moving into town and creating lots of buzz. How big of a threat would this be? Through insightful, below-the-surface interviews with a wide range of physicians, medical staff, patients, and key influencers, Olivetree uncovered a number of important vulnerabilities of the new competitor as well as opportunities to shore up the regional provider and avert this threat. Updated operational tactics and new messaging served to limit the penetration of the new competitor.

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