PM and KPI Services

Project Management (PM) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Services

Olivetree Insights provides team leaders with a better way to manage their project portfolio with dashboards, instant status reports, and timelines because all insights-based projects are stored in one central location. Our InsightsCentral hub also includes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurement tools.

Olivetree’s InsightsCentral Brief

  • Leaders can maximize their use of research and analytics by educating business partners on better planning via our best-in-class Insights Brief process.

  • Strengthen business partner accountability for using results based on a clear and transparent process.

  • Leaders spend less time overseeing projects because the process for designing projects is clear with educational resources to help even novice  researchers.

  • Based on extensive research and development with Fortune 500 teams, Insights Association survey and based on Era 3 strategic model.

    More about our Era 3 Model

Olivetree’s InsightsCentral Hub

  • Dashboards and instant project management reports such as weekly status, budget reviews, and many others make timely status updates easier, faster to access and distribute.

  • These instantly accessible reports and help to avoid risky “traffic jams” and poor resource allocation.

  • Debriefing and feedback tools for process improvements support increased research and analysis utilization.

  • Identify research/analytics contributions to business decisions based on upfront agreement on use of the insights and post project tracking of results.

  • Precious project information is banked to be leveraged in the future. 

  • Project “out of scope” topics are tracked to inform future research plans.

  • Based on proven project-management best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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