Planning Services

  • How can insights professionals ensure that their efforts are aligned with the business, so they spend the right amount of time and effort to deliver actionable insights?

  • How can insights leaders bring inexperienced team members up to speed more quickly?

  • Depend on InsightsCentral software and coaching to amplify your team’s results. Use InsightsCentral software and harness the power of a best-in-class Brief and Insights Hub developed in collaboration with successful Fortune 500 teams; an Insights Association survey; and the Era 3 strategic model.  

Olivetree’s InsightsCentral Brief

  • Strengthen alignment with the defined, collaborative, and transparent Smart Insights Brief development process.

  • Better prepare business partners to use results and make improved business decisions through the detailed Insights Brief topics and consistent process.

  • Bring even novice researchers and analysts up to speed quickly with built-in guides, resources and examples.

  • Lead strategic discussions and make recommendations with confidence.

Olivetree’s InsightsCentral Hub

  • Get immediate access to research and analytical projects, along with accompanying information (e.g. discussion guides, reports, data files, etc.) to improve new projects and eliminate redundant projects.

  • Improve team collaboration and support rapid iteration with online Insights briefs that allow you to easily obtain stakeholder input, feedback and approval.

  • Create Supplier RFP’s and report organizers that are instantly available based on the Insights brief.

  • Leverage Project Management Institute best practices with InsightsCentral software that includes KPIs and project management tools.

Olivetree Insights’ Coaches

  • Coaches are seasoned insights professionals with success leading teams that deliver insights that drive business forward.

  • Identify departmental challenges and development needs.

  • Improve team member skills in identifying problems and opportunities, and scoping projects.

  • Take on assignments on a project basis when needed.


  • Amplify your team, your resources, and your performance with Era 3 trained coaches from Olivetree Insights.

    More about the Era 3 Model

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