Marketing Research

  • How can insights professionals ensure that their efforts are aligned with the business, so they painlessly deliver actionable insights?

  • Olivetree Insights bring two levels of support to help your team deliver nourishing insights to sustain growth: research design support and full service marketing research.  

Research Design Support

We Design Research. You Implement.

  • Olivetree Insights designs quantitative and qualitative research studies that are perfectly aligned with business objectives. We address:

    “What methodology should we use?”

    “What’s the right sample size?”

    “How should questions be worded to avoid bias?”

  • Now you can implement your research with confidence.

    The Olivetree team is made up of 20+ year marketing research experts, with Fortune 500 experience across B2C and B2B.

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Research Design Process

We use a three-step process for every project to be certain that our design fits your and your client stakeholder’s needs perfectly.



  1. Create Insights Brief

Ensures that our approach aligns with your and your client’s goals right from the start.

  1. Draft Survey or Guide Design

Ensures that the details are just right.

  1. Create Final Survey or Guide Design

You are ready to program the survey or moderate your discussion with confidence!

Subscription Pricing

Olivetree offers an Annual Subscription Service based on a point system so that you can easily plan for your future needs.   Points are based on design complexity. We offer multiple Annual Subscription Levels to fit your needs.

  • Points never expire, as long as your team subscribes each year.
  • Free bonus points are earned at higher levels.
  • Additional points can be purchased for $750 each.

Annual Cost


Level One (10 Pts.)


Level Two (15 pts. Plus 1 Bonus Pt.)


Level Three (20 pts. plus 2 Bonus Pts.)


Level Four (25 pts. plus 3 Bonus Pts.)


Need More?

Ask us!

Here’s an example of the types of project designs at Level Two. Of course, you can use any combination of research study types that you need!

Level Two Example (15 pts.  + 1 Bonus Pt.)
  • In-Depth Interview Guide
  • Message Test Survey
  • Brand Tracker Survey
  • Focus Group Guide

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Full Service Marketing Research

We Can Do It All For You!

  • What’s your focus? Refining your marketing messages? New product development? Luring back ex-customers? Olivetree can help you address your challenges along the brand lifecycle. 

  • Our highly customized marketing research solutions provide the insights and measures you need to help nourish and grow the business. 

  • Techniques include quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, test market, and secondary research. 

  • Our reports are tailored to frame insights against strategies and actionable plans that resonate with your key stakeholders. 

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