1. Where is the InsightsCentral software hosted? We use the Microsoft Azure cloud service to host the software.

2. What is the contract Length? A contract runs for 12 months, although it can be terminated with 30 days notice.

3. Does InsightsCentral provide training? InsightsCentral is an easy, intuitive software tool and includes built-in “how-to-guides” and examples, as well as a number of online instructional resources.  Our coaches are available to help as needed.

4. What browsers are compatible with InsightsCentral? InsightsCentral can be used with all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. However InsightsCentral is not compatible with Internet Explorer, as Explorer doesn’t support the styling methods used.

5. Do I need to download anything? No, InsightsCentral resides on Microsoft Azure, a secure cloud server. All you need is internet access.

6. How much time does it take to get started using InsightsCentral software? You can begin using the software as soon as you receive your login information! The platform is very intuitive and takes only minutes to learn.

7. Who on my team can use InsightsCentral? Anyone inside your organization whom you set up can access the platform. There are four primary roles that team members can be assigned to:

  • Insights Team Leader
  • Insights Project Leader
  • Project Reviewer
  • Administrator

8. How do I know that the content included in InsightsCentral will apply to my team and company needs? The content, including the Smart Brief topics, descriptions, definitions, and examples has been developed based on the best practices of successful Fortune 500 insights departments. Users across multiple industries report that the content supports getting business partners aligned with the insights team to dramatically increase the success rate of insights projects.