Alignment is the key to more insights-based decisions: AMA NEO Chapter Market Research Conference 2018

With 15 presenters, the AMA NEO Chapter Conference was an inspirational, learnings-packed day for almost 100 attendees.

One message that came through loud and clear was that by aligning objectives, methodologies, analyses, and reporting with the needs of all stakeholders, insights pros can be more successful helping companies make better insights-based decisions.

  • Our Olivetree Insights team with Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis, former Insights leader of Luxottica Retail, shared best practices for improving the ability of business leaders to make insights-informed decisions. Their process gets all the parties involved in research and analytics projects aligned around the detailed goals that ensure success. The outcome is that businesses can fully leverage their investments in research and analytics to drive improved business outcomes.
  • Several teams (Illumination Research, EMI, Action Based Research, and C+R) shared ways to align methodology with research design needs by combining quant. and qual. techniques and reaching the right sample/target audience. With the right methodology and sample, business leaders can rely on the learnings as representative of their target audience.
  • The FedEx Custom Critical and Schmidt Marketing Research team shared how they used an stakeholder workshop format to report research results. This interactive approach ensured that stakeholders not only understood the learnings, they understood how to utilize them in their business plans.
  • A panel of MR Leaders (Progressive Insurance, Vita-Mix Corporation, MarketVision Research, Broadview Analytics) shared current best practices in MR. One topic they covered was creating reports and presentations that align with the needs of the stakeholders so that they can quickly absorb and will use the insights. They discussed multiple report formats to meet the needs of different stakeholders – from one-page overviews to video reports.

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