About Us

We Dig Insights

Our mission at Olivetree Insights is to equip brands with the right research and intelligence for a better return on investment. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving to find new ways to use insights for sustainable, profitable business growth. As an extension of your own team, we’ll provide personal, concierge-like care to help nourish your brand’s unique growth strategy.

We Are Championers

Our coaches are passionate experts who have over 10 years of experience helping leaders take their insights work and teams to the next level. They have held leadership roles and have experience in both client and supplier-side environments, giving them real-world insights and perspectives to champion our clients.

What We Believe

We believe insights are the driving force of sustainable, profitable business growth. That’s why every insights project/initiative should begin with our unique, insights-driven Smart Brief that includes:

  • Clearly defined business objectives and key decisions that need to be made, as well as how research/analysis will help to achieve these results

  • Regular debriefings to identify continuous improvements and follow-up with business decision-makers to determine how insights were used in decisions.

We believe a rush to methodology kills the ability to deliver great insights. We’re here to change that approach and plant the right seeds from the start so you can grow.

“The power of insights is real – just as real as the forces that make it difficult to find and use great insights.”

Carol Z Shea, MS Founder

Carol created Olivetree Insights from a lot of passion and a bit of frustration. She saw that as data was becoming easier than ever to access, business leaders were losing faith in researcher’s ability to translate data into actionable insights. There was a gap between being able to quickly get MORE information and getting the RIGHT information – the ROI simply just wasn’t good enough. Something had to change.  

That’s why for over three decades, Carol’s dedicated her career to empowering diverse companies to become more customer-centric and championing their efforts to conduct better research and boost the ROI. Now with Olivetree Insights, she’s teaming up with leading insights professionals (aka insights evangelists) to bring you the methodology and leadership you need to glean actionable insights and plant the right seeds from the start so you can grow.  

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