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Tips for engaging with stakeholders
New Ways of Engaging Stakeholders: From Design to Deliverables
17 July, 2019

Insights Association and Olivetree Insights webinar series: “Insights, A Source of Strategic Leadership” Gaining widespread buy-in and support early in the insights process is critical to ensuring findings have the “legs” to reach the desired goal. So, what are some best-in-class ways to engage stakeholders well in advance of launching projects? This important topic was […]

Business growth through insights transformation
Webinar Recap: Accelerating Growth through Transformation
06 June, 2019

Information alone is no longer an adequate deliverable for Corporate Insights departments. Teams must inspire strategic, impactful organizational action with their findings. That’s a tall order considering the pace of data flows and decision making today. Thanks to novel approaches to project planning, data integration, communication, organizational structure and cross-department outreach, proactive Insights teams are […]

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